Woke Up With Too Much Awesome Today!


Today started with peanut butter toast, chia seeds, and a banana with a glass of almond milk while reading the remainder of my amazing book that I already gushed about on my previous post today… 3 hours flew by as I was engrossed in that…

Forgive the fuzzy picture, my iPhone has taken a beating, but this looks like good conditions for a good midday run, right? I get that you can’t see the temperature, but I chose to ignore the 77 degree temperature. I honestly went out there with a good attitude. I even skipped the music today (GASP!). I was out there to listen to my footfalls and not only smile at other runners/walkers but to hear them say hello.Image

I found this wild creature. Three of them actually. One was black and I had to sprint past it before I took it home and named it Bagheera…

I took the scenic route through the woods for two (almost) one mi loops. It’s hilly and interesting back there. I was sweating profusely and panting like I was working hard so I thought I was practically flying.

I didn’t look until I was done. I don’t know what I was expecting… but it wasn’t this.

ImageI’m not disappointed. Okay, so maybe a little. You would understand why I was if you had seen how much I was sweating. oh wait! I have evidence

ImageThere you go… Those are beads of sweat. 9min/mi doesn’t usually destroy me like that! My hair was wet! haha. Oh well. It doesn’t matter. I got out there and got my shit done.

^— See that part not around the lake? I smiled when I saw that it was shaped like a fish. That was the forest part.


This lady was suffering out there with me. She was getting work done out there. I think she might have finished right about 3mi herself. Kudos to her for bringing the toddler and newborn and getting work done.

I walked back to my car. Did some stretching and have discovered that when I finally add in hill repeats, I have found a good hill…. ImageI don’t look forward to it.

I have never done hill repeats. I have always crammed training in. I’m kinda ADHD about this stuff…

—-> It’s a short but steep hill, I think it would be a good start… THOUGHTS?

I had a late lunch, played fetch with the puppy, and then the hubby came home early from work! I napped on him and afterwards we watched an episode of Supernatural before heading over to the box to get out strong on.


It was a good interval type wod. 5 3min AMRAPs with 3 min of rest afterwards. 5 Hang Power Snatch, 10 Knees To Elbow, and 20 Double Unders (I can’t do them yet so I do 3 singles for each rep. I did 60 singles to equate the effort of 20 double unders) Folks. I worked my stinkin a$$ off tonight. I was POURING sweat (clearly I woke up this morning with too much awesome and it came out my pores). My snatch is ugly. I need some help with them, but they did get better as we went along. As well they should considering I completed 117 of them.

All in all, today has been good to me.


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