CrossFit® does not cause Rhabdomyolysis… Unaccustomed exercise does.

You know, I have literally got into heated debates regarding this in some odd places… such as on the trail during a half-marathon or while pulling First Responder coverage at an Auburn football game… I mean, a lot of people are REALLY good at being narrow minded regarding CrossFit for some reason. 😦

Dr. Feito's Blog

If you stay connected to the Internet and are interested in fitness and exercise, you probably are familiar with an article by Dr. Eric Robertson, which blamed CrossFit® for the development of Rhabdomyolysis – a potentially life-threatening condition.  Also, if you kept up with the story, you may have also seen a great piece by Erika Andersen, which promoted personal responsibility for anyone participating in any type of exercise program – especially CrossFit®.

Although I usually try not to engage in this type of controversy, as most pieces are primarily based on personal opinions and everyone is entitled to their own, there are some misconceptions that were alleged on the first article I would like to address.  As some of you know, over the last year our laboratory has focused on the study of CrossFit® as a training modality.  These studies have provided me the opportunity to read…

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